Thursday, August 31, 2006


These storyboards come from an action feature I worked on. The scene depicts an attempted assasination and the target's subsequent escape. I had free reign on setting up the angles but was directed as far as the action goes and it wasn't very well thought out which might explain a few things as these boards go. Sadly, by shooting time the scene had been abbreviated and is now unrecongnizable. The movie which will remain nameless went straight to dvd. It didn't win any awards but it was a fun gig nonetheless.

The Fart Bin

Errybody listen up. For those of you who dont read y'alls e-mail we have a new section to the blog that I think you will like. Its called
  • The Art Bin.
  • I've sent out membership invitations and a few members have yet to respond to it. Check your emails at the respective addresses -pending -pending -pending -pending -pending -pending -pending -pending -pending

    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Thanks for the music update!

    Just wanted to thank Larry for updating the tracks on the site. Very good selection and I wanted you to know that your efforts are being appreciated!


    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    Gnomon Workshop Adds New Website Features

    Is tracing cheating?

    This is a little different topic than normal but I just wanted to get the blogs votes on this. I had a kid hit me up by email asking me some art questions and to look at his work because he wanted a internship or a job here at Cartoon. First of all i don't know you and two you ain't good enough for me to put my neck on the line for. lol! Ok but anyway, he drew this horse and it looked like a damn gold fish. I told him yo that horse is jacked up use some reference which he wrote back and said he did so i told him to trace the horse and just add some of his own style to it afterward just to get the proportions right, He says tracing is cheating and real artist don't trace. Duh what do you think animation is. You trace back frames so things stay on model and some of the greatest artist out trace things or paint over photos. In the end they make it their own work. But anyway I told the kid I can't do nothing for him since he already knows everything. Wish i saved his work I'd post it lol.

    Monday, August 28, 2006


    I drew this for this week's theme at Illustration FridayRun. There are some anatomy issues with the guy, I know, but it was a fun experiment.

    Hey Allstars

    Wassup ya'll this is Heiesuke joining the fray. This is one of a few images I have done for my artist's profile for a future Show Magazine issue.
    More to come.

    Run Girl , Run!!!

    I wanted to show something with motion.

    Sunday, August 27, 2006

    Design stuff

    Hey sup people! Its sunday and it feels so damn good. Catching up on some work. Came across some more old design work. I still like this character. I think the simplistic design would work well with animation. I have no tests of this dude. But looking at it now reminds me of what style of animation I was considering at the time. I remember wanting to design some simple characters that would allow me to really exaggerate porportions during motion. (Spaghetti arms and dynamic volume) I think I have some other tests with another character. If I have time I'll see if I can find em and post them up. Meanwhile... Its back to the mutha suckin grind mayne.



    Saturday, August 26, 2006

    LiFe SkEtChEs DoNe oN PoSt- iT

    Fan art post

    Sorry 4 the late fan art post had things that kept me busy but loved everyone's post will try to catch up take 1 and all!!!

    Friday, August 25, 2006

    Thanks for the invite

    I thought I would upload a sketch and introduce myself since I am the new girl. My name is Arie and thanks for inviting me to be apart of this. There is alot of talent here.

    classroom mural

    I've been working on this mural all week in my mother's classroom. It's supposed to be showing students neat and in proper uniform. I've never done a mural before, so this is an interesting learning experience.

    More pics on my blog. I've already started painting it today, and I have a lot of work to do . . .

    Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    New Jam Idea!

    It's been a while since I came up with a weekly jam topic so here it is. It was inspired by a conversation I had with Brian and Andre as we were sketching. Another animator, Dave Stranquest, walked by our table and we were talking about old sketchbook drawings. Pull out an ooold character or drawing that you did as a child and revamp it 2006 style! I think it'll be cool! Show the original drawing or inspiration that it came from.


    Life Drawings

    Me and Jamal went to Apache last night to do some life drawing. The turnout was cool. Not too crowded or vice versa. Took me a minute to warm up to it again plus I didn't have a big sketchbook. I started getting into it once they started to shut the light off. Now I am fiending to do more. I needed to get back to drawing from life . . . it's necessary.


    Monday, August 21, 2006

    First Day Of Old School!

    This is my memory of the first day of school. You know, feeling alone, nervous. I went to school back in the day (early 70's) so clothes were mad corny! LOL! I don't remember what I really wore but believe me it was wack! This drawing is not really me but a facsimile thereof (I'm serious . . . it's not me!). Haha! My head was big but not that big. As far as the graff on the walls, I just put that in the drawing 'cause I can't resist hitting up on a blank wall in my illustrations sometimes!

    Oh yeah, check out the "Land of the Giants" lunchbox. Anybody remember that show? It was the booooommmb!

    I saved the step-by-steps this time for everybody.

    Basically, I sketched it with a blue colored pencil, scanned it and painted in photoshop. It took me a few hours to paint but I tried not to get too detailed.

    Hope ya likes.


    Quick Jam pic

    Here is like a 10 min pic I did. The story behind this is that back in the 8th or 9th grade me and my best friend were going to get poke a dot outfits like we saw the rappers wearing on yo!MTV raps. I get to school and my boy didn't get his and I wore mine the first day of school and everybody laughed their asses off. I never wore that outfit again but of course a few weeks later people started wearing theirs once Kwame blew up.

    coles phillips,c.htm
    jamals post brought to mind for me coles phillips . he was a master and one of the first illustrators to use negative space in a innovative manner. further search on him will bring up other work

    This weeks jam 8/21/06

    I thought It would be cool to post a idea for this weeks Jam. Since kids are just going back to school I thought it would be cool if we all posted images telling a story about your first day of school memories. Can be anything, that first bus ride, that first time you saw a new girl/Boy in the hallway or that day you found out you had the meanest damn teacher in the school. Whatever it maybe draw it up and post it.


    Dawud and Andre's beautiful sketches prompted me to post this pic.

    New section?

    Hey people, Im loving the artwork and the interaction between you all. I'd like to create a separate section in this group for any off-topic posts such as random sketches we might wanna throw up, tutorials etc. I'm having trouble coming up with a name for this section. Any ideas?

    Dawud got my art juices flowing

    I've been looking at alot of Adam Hughes Artwork the last few days. I got tons of sketches that he's done over the years. The man is a comic book God. I've always liked his line work and the way he draws women. Anyway I did this over the weekend after looking at some of his stuff. How can you not get the juices pumping after seeing his artwork. Plus that last post by Dawud got me going again also.

    Saturday, August 19, 2006

    for all the graff heads

    so I was kicking it with
  • at work the other day, and we were talking about some old school graff heads, and
  • name came up. I remember how iconic his characters were, and how much they played a role in the evolution of Graffitti. Anyway this is my way of paying tribute. Here is my take on Bode's Lizzard character from the cheech wizard comics, don't worry cheech is next.


    Friday, August 18, 2006


    I just did this rough piece today since I had a little downtime at work. I did the rough from a model pic of a friend named Stacy. This will be the first in a series that I plan to do. I want to keep them loose and quick. That is how I prefer to work so I will work on refining my own style. As you can see I started with a prismacolor drawing and then I scanned it and desaturated the colors to black and white. I then colored it in photoshop. Bam!

    Have a great weekend y'all!


    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    Monster House Artbook

    this is a great art book. I told Juanita I wanted it for my bday this month but i doubt she'll get it for me. I don't get crap from her. Oh well if I'll end up getting it for myself. This is the best animation art of book in a long time. Amazon has it way cheaper than Boarders.

    Ebony Twist

    Character design for a flash short...

    Also here's a design for her car. Since this is going to be set in the 70's I wanted to give her a classic car. I may try a sports car as well but a caddie is just gangsta...

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Q's Spot

    My spot is a bit smaller than the rest of you guys. But I guess it gets the job done.

    my lil corner

    Sup folks. Here are some pictures of my humble corner at home. Sorry the pics are a bit dark. But I will say this. There is nothing like working from home! The fridge is close by. You can play your tunes as loud as you want. Dont have to feel bad about taking too many breaks.

    My work space (Update)

    Here are some older pics of my work space at home. I just updated my pics
    Post any off topic random crapola here