Saturday, August 19, 2006

for all the graff heads

so I was kicking it with
  • at work the other day, and we were talking about some old school graff heads, and
  • name came up. I remember how iconic his characters were, and how much they played a role in the evolution of Graffitti. Anyway this is my way of paying tribute. Here is my take on Bode's Lizzard character from the cheech wizard comics, don't worry cheech is next.



    Blogger babadawud said...

    That's crazy! I was just talking to some peeps at my job the other day about Cheech Wizard, Vaughn Bode and his influence on graff! Then you post up this blog. Interesting. I never really understood it when I was younger because I never read the material I just knew that these characters were all over the place.

    Good work!

    7:37 AM  
    Blogger Lawrence Christmas said...

    yeah I used to live on this guys stuff. To bad he died so young. His son tried to take over but it was just never the same. Dope piece man!

    10:43 AM  
    Blogger Q7d2 said...

    Yeah i used to love that style of graffitti when i was in middle school. Those were the good old days when every thing was "FRESH" and Stupid DEF! Nice Piece.

    9:54 PM  
    Blogger Kanokadafi said...

    hahahaha, I'm glad ya'll could relate.

    babadawud - funny that would happen right? something must of been in the air. I never even knew it was based on a comic, but I also saw the characters everywhere. It inspired me to start drawing ch's with my tags when I was a shorty.

    X-man - Whatup patna' , I agree , I always felt like his son needed to grow his own wings and just let his fathers art be.

    q7d2 - yup, everthing was stupid dope fresh back then, the ch designs in graff and most of the art was kind of wack when you look back at it, but you have to give it's props for being innovative, original and raw.

    10:06 AM  
    Blogger SketchbookAllstars said...

    Anybody know how Vaughn Bodé died? According to Wikipedia: Though some sources list Bodé's death as caused by a motorcycle accident, his death was actually due to an experiment in autoerotic asphyxiation. If you dont know what that is, look it up cuz I aint going into it.

    11:31 AM  
    Blogger Kanokadafi said...

    I know, homeboy was on some freak tip! hahahaha

    7:00 PM  
    Blogger artgyrl said...

    I'm like, totally ignorant of this artist, though the character looks familiar, so I've most likely seen his work and didn't know it. Looks cool though.

    "his death was actually due to an experiment in autoerotic asphyxiation." . . . I know exactly what that is. I think I watch too much CSI. . .

    11:21 PM  

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