Monday, July 31, 2006

here is an older sculpt figured id post on here .

Portfolio Pt3

The gunslingers no movie or show would be complete without these Kats!!!

newfound sketches

Man, I've been really active here lately, but I guess that's good (I'm a bit of a comment whore as well, I must admit.) I was looking through one of my sketchbook and found a few sketches that I thought were pretty good, or at least, I liked them enough to show them off. ;)

Here's a character style I did late last year. It's the same girl you see on my site banner. The girl in the bottom right corner is Miranda (recent drawing of them both).

The rest can be seen here.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hip Hop/Fan ART

This is kinda Fan ART I would'nt say I was his #1 fan, But he's cool.

Symon & Rose

So I went back and finished this sketch I started a few weeks ago, because it fit the theme. More characters from a comic called Vyper, produced by Arson Entertainment.

Symon & Rose

Portfolio Pt2

Arson fan art: Rose

I started to draw something new for the theme, but it's not coming as easily as I hoped. . .

This is Rose Murakami, a character created by Frank D. at Arson Entertainment. The thing with this character is that she's always looking tough and mean, and I wanted to draw her looking softer. I was also experimenting with drawing it as a realistic portrait. She's black/Japanese, so it was fun trying interesting trying to make her mixed ethnicity come through as well. This is one of my favourite drawings in a while.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


You can see some more samples if you like at my blog ...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Private Stash

This ain't a sketch, but holler if ya feel me!! - the good ol' days!

MASsive Turtle POWER!!!!!

Here's some Turtle Power courtesy of ya boi MAS. I had to rep my dawgs: Don, Ralph, Mike, and Leonardo in this one. Part of a series I just did for fun since I was a HUUUUGE "TMNT" nut growing up. Lucky enough the concept for the new sketch jam this week helps it fit right in. :)

One of the first characters I ever started drawing coming up were the "Turtles" and I haven't drawn em' since I was 8 (when the XMen craze took over and I started drawing them more instead). But none the less, drawing them again took me way back and I had a GREAT time finishin' em all. I plan on inking and coloring these, as well as doin an updated version of Splinter, Rat King, and Leatherhead soon whenever I catch breathing room from other projects.

If you want to see more from this series including an all time fan favorite Casey Jones, check out page 3 of my comic gallery @ my site

Peace and Luv,

Warm up sketches


Blade 2

Brian set it off with the blade hotness! I had to represent for my man Sticky Fingaz aka the new Blade.

Image Hosted by

here s a blade sculpt i did a while back . as required the proportions are a bit skewed but i did my job liek a good soldier. LOL

Let's Jam!!!!!!

Ok folks, I've been gettin complaints that were not doin any more sketch jams. So instead of waiting for somebody to come up with ideas, I'll throw in the gauntlet (is that even an expression?). The next Sketch jam will be fan art. If your a fan of it, draw it. Very simple. Here's my rendition of Blade. The first of a series.


Hi. I'm a new member to this blog, and I'm really excited to have been invited.

My name is Sharon Samples, and I'm a Graphic Design major, photography minor. I'm pretty much done with school, having only one photography class left to take, and then I'll be graduating in the Fall. However, I had my Senior Portfolio review this past May. I like doing pencil drawings, celebrity portraits, illustration, and more recently, art photography.

Hhmm. . .I guess I'll leave you guys with a sample of my work. I'm doing this sketch for a draw-off at, and I've already gotten feedback as to how she's not really as sexy as she could be. . . but whatever. It's supposed the be the individual artists idea of a sexy girl, and being a female, I feel entitled to have a slightly different take on the matter.

My biggest issue with this is the rug (the perspective of it is jacked), but I plan on fixing it and adding more detail to the background.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sketchbook Allstars Gear for sale! My shirts have finally arrived!


Monday, July 24, 2006

Supa Dupa fly

sketching around in Alias Sketchbook, this program is no joke!!

Mo sketchin'

Sup ya'll,

I'm really breakin' my ass on this project. I'm trying to create believable characters that actually look like people instead of the same ole comic book stuff. That's why I've been concentrating on this kind of portrait stuff. Sucks that I'm on a deadline but that's life. Anyway, I always enjoy sharing my crap with you guys!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Phoenix 2

Ah re worked some of the color on this


Work in progress, I'll post a final!


Eye of the tiger!

Here is a throw away I did a few days ago that I don't like. After i finished it I was like ok I don't like this at all. That's just the way it works out sometimes I guess. But i thought I'd post it anyway so you can peep it and let em know what you think.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

3 the hard way

A set I painted up for a gallery show in Brooklyn NY next friday.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Throw yo guns in the air!!!

After hours photoshop sketching in PS2 via cintiq.


Old Monk

This is a painting on top of a sketch by Lawrence Christmas. I worked on it for and hour at a time. It took about a week and a half because I dont have time to sit down and do a full painting these days. I added the step by step progression to help clear up my process to anyone who cares.


I'm in San Diego for Comicon!

whadup, fam'ly!
i'm at the Comicon! any of ya'll who are there, get at me and i'll shoot you my cell number so we can link up!
well, since this is an art blog, and everybody's posting ill gorilla joints... here's gorilladon:


Thursday, July 20, 2006

A blast from da past!

For all you cats and kittens that havent been through our archives. This one's from our first sketchjam..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Phoenix Rising

Late Night Sketching...Boy do I need to get back on this blog!


p.s.-THis is NOT JEAN GREY, not that Phoenix.

"Early" sketches

Since we're doin this free-for-all styley I thought I'd post some early sketches from my art blog. When I say "early" I mean last November. Disclaimer: I didn't use any reference on the Gorilla so if he looks a bit "off" well, there you go....


Monday, July 17, 2006


Two studies, Might use one of them for a clothing line I've been working on BlakGorillaMovement or both what say u...

ATL The Movie

This is a drawing I did for the movie "ATL" that was never used. The director requested that I do the illustrations that TI was drawing in the movie but they didn't have enought time to edit it into the movie since they asked me kind of late. So since I didn't want to do all that work for nothing, I want somebody to see it. LOL! I did a few of them but I think I only have on on this hard drive. It was a rush job. 5 drawings in one night so they are kind of rough.

Baba Dawud
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