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Again Samara as I stated before I am not sure about the ethics of doing something like this. In hind sight I probably should have sent the re-paint to you in private and allowed you to post it as you saw fit, but I didnt want to start sending private messages as to avoid hurting peoples feelings. But as I try to encourage others to critique one another, I also encourage others to collaborate, to join forces as it were and come up with something new. I have actually done this twice before in Sketchbook Allstars, once with a sketch from Dawd and another occasion with a sketch from Randolph Williams. As you can see all of your original brush strokes were left alone. You original post was left alone as was your signature. The only alterations I made were to the value of the painting. I WISH someone would come along and re work my stuff already!! I welcome it. It falls inline with the idea of the group. If you want to reject the idea and take it down, it's up to you. As stated before all members have equal administrative capabilities. Based on your introduction where you expressed the desire to "learn, and share your work" I thought you would have a more open attitude.


Blogger El leo said...

hey. the guy has their reasons. and i think maybe its acceptable. the changes you made maybe hurts him own self-image, i dont know. even if those change were to improve the final result... we are here to learn from eachother, anyway.

Brian if you wanna work on some of my drawingz i would appreciate sooo much.. you can do anything you thing is gonna make it better. in fact, you know the guy with blue background... you know, the lefty one... hehehe... could you try some coloring on him? of course if you're not busy.


12:41 AM  
Blogger Sam I Am said...

I posted my thoughts without attacking anyone. The fact that you admitted not being sure about the ethical protocol should’ve prompted you to ask. I’m very open to critiques, that’s why I post. I expect other artists to have comments and suggestions. I had no problem accepting a critique from you. Shooting me a quick note privately wouldn’t have hurt my feelings; I don’t take critiques that way. I would have gladly shared the file with you and told you to run with your take on my sketch. That would’ve been a better approach.

The two collaborations you did were, I’m sure, previously discussed beforehand, which was not the case with me. I don’t have an issue with doing that, once again, as part of the learning experience in these kinds of groups. The bottom line, even if you felt you were helping, you don’t alter another artist’s work without permission, be it lines, and tone, color, whatever. It’s just simple respect. I would never take anyone’s post and do anything with it unless they knew I was going to do it.

6:02 AM  
Blogger SketchbookAllstars said...

I hear what you're saying Sam. And I apologize for inadvertently hurting your feelings. And I realise that I haven't expressed myself adequately to this group. Ethically this group follows a slightly different protocol from others so I wasn't sure how to communicate this to you. But I can assure you the previous works were not discussed before hand.

Ever since the beginning of the movement I have been trying to provoke more and more interaction between members, especially the ones I know personally. I would like to think of the Allstars as a kind of art dojo. As the group membership is still small and growing and it's still evolving.

These interactions are called sketch-jams because that's really what they are. This is a place for artists to riff off each other like when jazz musicians jam or when mc's rhyme, It's not always a battle of egos. Sometimes it's a collaboration as Dawud suggested.
I was really inspired by your painting and wanted to take it to another stage. It was not intended as an "art lesson" per se (although we are ALL students here and could use one quite frankly). I wouldn't have been prompted to do anything at all to it if I didn't see beauty in it.
When I studied at SVA. I learned that to gain the most knowledge from my contemporaries I should collaborate with them and surpress my ego. I've been in the business for 16 years and I'm still learning and I realize that my ego is the thing that stands in my way.
So from this point, If anyone is surprised or upset that another member has jumped onto a topic by either answering to or adding to a painting that has already been posted feel free to remove yourselves from the group. Learning and sharing of ideas are tatamount to any ego trips.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Sam I Am said...

It's understood and noted... I do agree we're all students of art, as it evolves and changes, and we interact with each other. I was not trying to come off as an ego maniac, this is my first time posting any of my work on a group/public forum, and am very aware of my work as well as others. I wasn't aware fully of the ways of this blog. But I'll continue to post, and still hope to grow within this group.

10:00 AM  
Blogger babadawud said...


Do your thing sista!


10:16 AM  
Blogger Andre Moore said...

can we all just get a big hung?

1:48 PM  

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