Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tom-Yum-Goong Sketch

Had to hurry and put something up before everyone thought I went AWOL. Been doin up the freelance like crazy lately. Liked the fight scene idea so I just pumped out this quick sketch and photoshoped it of the upcoming "Tom Yum Goong" starring "Ong Bak" fav Tony Jaa. Not an actual fight scene of course but I had to contribute something regardless since its been a while.

Had to do something to occupy my insomnia last night as well lol. Saw a poster for the film so I just went to off that and MAS styled it so to speak. ;)Took about 45 minutes all together.

Most of you have seen my blog featuring Tony Jaa's amazing skillz on one of my Myspace Blogs, but to those who haven't.... I suggest u check it out here at this link and be amazed. Tony Jaa Fight Clips

Will be back for the round after next....dont wanna blind anyone this next round with my amazing...(NOT) left handed drawing skillz :P.

Peace and Luv,


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