Saturday, June 17, 2006

Drawingz from the right side of the brain

Greetinz from da venezuelan afro-beats mountainz!
I made this in about.. dunno, few seconds, maybe a minute with a cheap marker on cheaper paper, with my left hand.
I was lookin' for some theories that supports this week challenge, and found that right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for percepcion, creativity, visual-spacial thinkin' and emotional stuff, while the left brain is responsible for logic, analysis, abstract reasoning and language, but, don´t trust me, I'm not a a scientist, take five minutes and check this test about how do you use your brain. Really good. Also check those linkz too: Cerebral hemisphere (wiki), right hemisphere (everything2).
And for those who miss a good drawing book, take a look at this, it's about Betty Edwards, her book has been helpful for a lot of arts students in my university...

There are two more left-hand-made drawinz from some days ago, I think it was unfair to post'em for the sketchjam coz they was already made, but I really love 'em, and I don't care, I wanted to share this with you.

Rebañismo, (the spanish word at the last drawing) in spanish it doesn't exist as a word, but comes from "rebaño" and means "herd", a bunch of people who do things without a purpose. So It could be somethin' like "Herdism"... y' know, like pencilism... hahaha, it sounds terrible...



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