Sunday, June 18, 2006

Not cool...

“this blog is intended, for those who are involved, an opportunity to challenge one another, to challenge ourselves, to connect with our contemporaries in the field and to gain exposure”

Seeing all the different artists here and being informed by a couple people that I should get in on the all-stars, prompted me to submit my work. Being a professional 3D as well as a traditional artist, I consider myself a peer and not a pupil of the other artists on this blog. I post my work here for critiques, and tips, as all artists can and do learn from each other. I did not post my art to be “worked over” by someone else’s hand!

A critique is one thing, but to take someone's art and change it is unacceptable. I’ve looked at everyone else’s posts, comments, and encouragement to one another as constructive criticism. Archives show that since this blog started, I have been the only artist, new or founding member to EVER have any of their work painted over and re-posted. As far as art ethics go, that’s a strict insult to the original artist. It was stated that you were trying to avoid painting over my work as nothing was “really wrong with my painting”, but you took my work and painted over it anyway. If you wanted to give a good critique, verbal advice would have sufficed, as I've seen it given to other artists here.


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