Thursday, July 05, 2007

Studying The Masters

This is a ink drawing I did with a Micron pen - I am currently studying Picasso, Sergio Toppi and a young Jedi master named John Mahoney. For the past several months I have been vigerously striving to improve my drawing abillity as well as aquire tons of new styles. This drawing was done from a live model. Drawing with pens is a trip - you are force to make desicions and live with them as John puts it. I will be posting more ink drawings soon.
I met John Mahoney at Gnomon Visual Effects School in hollywood and loved his teaching methods. He is the only teacher I have ever had that helped me have a non-stop growing trend in my work. He has an awsome DVD that blows other instrutional drawing DVDs right out of the water in my opinion. Here is a link to his work:


Blogger babadawud said...

Very intricate! I can appreciate that!

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