Sunday, June 24, 2007


Hey all,
Here's the completed piece for a children's book project that I am playing with.


Blogger Mr.Magoo said...

Very ambitious piece! But there are some problems right off the bat. I get that it's about the kid because he's in the center. This took me a while to see because there's a lot going on that is fighting for your viewers attention. All the details have the same level of contrast and my eye gets lost and I can't really see what's what. Try glazing over the areas that you want pushed back. In photoshop this can be done on a separate layer set to multiply.
Also your air brush effect which should be enhancing the mood is a little over done and is obscuring some important information, which begs the question Are you painting with a tablet or a mouse? I ask because there seems to be no pressure sensitivity in your spray strokes. If you're using a tablet try setting your sensitivity to abt 30%. This can't be done using a mouse. Also try masking your airbrush. If you've ever used real airbrush you'll know that a frisket (cut paper or vellum) is used to control the edges when the spray is used to define shapes. In Photoshop, one way this can be is with the lasso tool.

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