Sunday, November 19, 2006

once again, back is the incredible... or something like that.

hey, fam'ly! its been a minute, i know... been on my little indie grizzle. anywho, just wanted to drop in and let ya'll see what i been up to. here's a few joints:

"the Dragon Lady" hand drawn, colored w/Photoshop

"Li'l Roro" obviously, a kid version of Storm, from the X-men. Hand skills+photoshop.

Untitled. one panel joint i did for this company in ohio i freelance for. Hand Drawn, colored in the almighty PS...cartoon c.2006 artLimited.

anyways, that's what's up. see ya 'round!



p.s. - if any of ya'll wanna color these (i bow to superior colorin' skills!), get at me and i'll send hi-res copies!


Blogger artgyrl said...

Nice stuff. I especiall like the little Ororo, though, her face looks a little more mature than her body.

12:27 AM  

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