Friday, March 30, 2007

Leroy rockWELL LIVE!

Okay. I'm curator and creative director at Seven* Studioz, A local hip-hop, Jazz, poetry, reggae, art hang out. When I had may art show like Feb. 2006, I did live demo with my ibook and wacom Intuos3. I have only did a live demo like probably twice since then (LAZY.) So now every other Thursday @ Jazzoetry night, I will work on my paintings live for the audience to enjoy. The band would play, the poets will spit, the singers will sing and I will draw, doodle or paint. This is my second one since the last Thursday. I'm always beat the day after at work because we start at like 10:30 and sometimes doesn't end until 2 p.m. So two times a month is all i can take (I'm grumpy in the morning.) People love it and I get complements and sometimes freelance gigs from these. Got 2 freelance gigs last night.

So Projector + DVI to S-Video + Mac Book Pro + Intuos3 + Leroy rockWELL x Awesome = Good show for the people. GET YOUR ART OUT THERE!

This to show you it's a Mac buddy.

Full shot.

Leroy rockWELL Stand up act starting in 2017.. when he's is actually funny.. (modest mouse video in the background.)


Blogger babadawud said...

That is a great idea! What city are you in? I would love to see you do this live!

8:20 AM  

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