Tuesday, December 12, 2006

MASsive Attack!!!

Been a Minute, but heres just a taste of some of the things ya boy is gonna be busy wit in 07'. Just concepts and half colored stuff for now but had to share some of the art I'll be contributing to em'.

First 2 are part of a 100xs over delayed "Halloween" project thats finally coming to light early next year that I'm once again proud to be involved with. Go cop my work in the DvD and the comic that comes with here if you havent checked it out already...... Halloween:25YOT DvD

Next...the 2 little kids are main characters from an upcoming 88 page comic I will be illustrating fully.... (yeah no sleep in 2007) and will be released around the summer.

Last is one of the main characters in MY OWN horror comic I've been juicing up since 2004. Hopefully will see the light of day come next halloween. Don't let her looks fool you ya'll... theres MANY reasons she's not the one you'd wanna show off to moms. ;-)

Just small tidbits but had to let everyone know I didnt forget about my SBA folk. Stay Up... as 4 me, my 2nd All Nighter in a Row....Im going to bed. Good Morning and Good Night. Peace!



Blogger Heiesuke said...

I love seeing illustrative stuff and especially pencils. Thanx for sharing.

4:50 AM  

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