Monday, February 21, 2011

30 minute sketch - Batman

I've been getting some great practice in lately with 30 minute sketch speed exercises.

The image in my head for this one was slightly different than the finished product here but I'm totally cool with that. To be honest, the image in my head was slightly beyond my ability. It was super valuable for me to realize that I couldn't quite do it and also why I couldn't do it.

Drawing quickly has a way of unapologetically exposing my weaknesses. Since I don't have time for reference material or reworking, I've got to rely on what I REALLY know.

In this case my knowledge ended just shy of the image in my head but that experience tells me point blank what I need to work on. In the end I knocked a decent little sketch and I learned a little about my current limitations.

All is well in Gotham!


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