Friday, September 28, 2007


I was into Dragonball back in the day. I was really into it where i would download the scanslation back in 95 off my poor 56k modem. I was into it before it came to America. Kinda crazy I know. Akira Toriyama artwork had a huge influence on my cartoon style. Dragonball was probably one of my favorite action cartoons in my Teens. I have now started picking up the re-mastered boxsets. Just a quick sketch this morning.
(left hand is jacked.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good pose!
Just a few things off the top:

1. Tangents.
- the left hand and the side of his head
- his belt and his forward knee
- his right palm and his arm
- his left shoulder and left forearm

You should watch to make sure that you don't have lines running into each other that flatten the form (ie. Tangents)

2. The folds. At first it looks like his right pant leg is ripped, but on closer inspection it's just a really dark fold line. The line is too dark.
Also the fold on the right knee buckles in an unusual way. Try to remember the form underneath and the cloth hanging from/ being affected by the force of gravity and the form it surrounds.

Otherwise it's good, though it would be good to see the ground plane where the holes are left behind as pieces are drawn out of it by Goku's power.

I would also suggest making sure that his eyes are as clearly defined as possible, as they help the pose to read more clearly.

Anyone else?


7:58 PM  
Blogger Mr.Magoo said...

Agreed, A little negative space between his head and arm will alleviate some of the tangent problems. On another note- OK, I'm old school, so I'm not as familiar with the character as some of you young people. But it not clear to me just why it looks like it's raining pebbles on the guy.

8:04 PM  

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