Monday, February 26, 2007

All Digital

Big announcement to all of you out there. This is my Second all digital piece. The first being my J Dilla piece. It’s a photo of a friend from her myspace. I was bored at work last week and want to try out the pencil brushes in Photoshop that I got a sometime ago. It does a good job of looking like pencils. I am working on get more comfortable with drawing directly off my Wacom tablet. One reason, I want to do this is because I’m always mobile in a way. Client meeting here, Seven* studioz there, friend’s house wherever. When I get home, I have to sit at my desk with the photo and start drawing it. Most of the time I’m really not in the mood for this I would rather be elsewhere. So by changing the way I do things will help me create more work. I can hear people yelling “natural medium blah blah blah.” I still will do my traditional way. I’m more of a illustrator than a traditional artist, a term I have coined “DigIllustrator.” (”BRILLIANT!” yells the Guinness beer guys) Computer isn’t going to change anything really. It’s just a tool, the same as a brush or whatever. Not as in, it can complete replicate the natural medium but in another tool in my tool box. This is not going to be a complete piece just trying out things. Look out for more experimenting. Like this in the future because Only Loves in Stereo’s background will be all digital.

I'm trying to have an art show in May or June so getting a faster process is good for me. I am going to finish the self portrait, and make it the show poster image.


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