Friday, June 30, 2006

Photoshop tip: Downloading & Customising Brushes

Downloading PS brushes is really easy, installing them is even easier. The file is called an .abr file, and it goes in the brushes folder which is located in the presets folder in your PS folder. Drop it in there while PS is turned off. When you activate PS go to your brush palette. If it's not already open look under "window" which is in the menu bar up top. Brushes should have a check next to it. Doing this makes that particular menu visible. In the Brush menu click the arrow button on the side. A list will pop up showing all the brushes in your presets and your new brushes should be in it. Choose "append" to add it to the existing set of available brushes or "replace" to remove all other brushes. Once you decide on which one you like you can customize and save them permanently in the "tool presets" which like the brush palette is also found under windows. They will be readily available to you whether or not you have that particular brush set loaded. You can give each of these a name that is easily recognizable to you. Before I found this feature I was wasting all my time re-customizing my brushes every time I opened the program. The brushes were gone when I would re-open PS. This feature works for all Photoshop tools.


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