Friday, May 19, 2006

Hello, fam'ly!
i'm Samax (new around here...) .
i did these sketches for free as part of the FREE COMICBOOK DAY festivities, but some fans were greatful enough to break me off a cash donation anyways (thanks ya'll! love!)... at any rate, here's the fruits of my labor:

"I Am Vengeance..."

batman. i started the day off right with this sketch of the dark knight

"Real Recognize Real"

to show that comics fans have impeccable taste... a teenager had me draw indie hipHop legend MF DOOM

"This Looks Like A Job For..."

Superman, the Original SuperHero.

"And The Truth Will Make You Free."

my favorite sketch of the day, my first ever drawing of wonder woman.

all sketches were done with pencil, sharpies, micron .08 pen, and crayola color pencils...

peace, fam...



Blogger SketchbookAllstars said...

Welcome to the group, man. Good stuff you got there.

8:27 AM  

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