Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I know everybody is crazy busy lately but based on the response I got when i started inviting people to this blog I had expected alot more input. There are a number of links and a list of contributors that I added to this blog for no other reason than to help support the exposure of the artists involved. A mere fraction of the names that appear on Sketchbook Allstars have even bothered to comment on the art let alone post art themselves. I have been asked by active members of this blog to establish a rule where individuals who are not participating in the blog are to be be dropped from the contributors list. So rather than going around and harrassing people to get them to post art on Sketchbook Allstars ( I hate doing that) I will begin deleting members at the end of january. Like I said in the introduction, your involvement can be as simple as a comment on someone else's work, it can be a rough sketch, tight sketch, painting etc. It's not a job. If you dont read this then you arent really involved anyway so you wont mind being dropped.


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Sorry for not being able to post, but I have the constant struggle to do me, get the whip crack on The MAN's stuff (Work) and sketching for the fun of polishing my skills. For me it's a mental struggle, but HEY! it's a new year, Time to bust my ass. I'm on IT!

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