Saturday, March 31, 2007

Warrior Remix!

I didn't really like the way the Warrior pic came out so I thought I'd do a Diddy and Remix it. I added some armor and added a top and the cool fantasy like sword.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Leroy rockWELL LIVE!

Okay. I'm curator and creative director at Seven* Studioz, A local hip-hop, Jazz, poetry, reggae, art hang out. When I had may art show like Feb. 2006, I did live demo with my ibook and wacom Intuos3. I have only did a live demo like probably twice since then (LAZY.) So now every other Thursday @ Jazzoetry night, I will work on my paintings live for the audience to enjoy. The band would play, the poets will spit, the singers will sing and I will draw, doodle or paint. This is my second one since the last Thursday. I'm always beat the day after at work because we start at like 10:30 and sometimes doesn't end until 2 p.m. So two times a month is all i can take (I'm grumpy in the morning.) People love it and I get complements and sometimes freelance gigs from these. Got 2 freelance gigs last night.

So Projector + DVI to S-Video + Mac Book Pro + Intuos3 + Leroy rockWELL x Awesome = Good show for the people. GET YOUR ART OUT THERE!

This to show you it's a Mac buddy.

Full shot.

Leroy rockWELL Stand up act starting in 2017.. when he's is actually funny.. (modest mouse video in the background.)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

It has been a while....

Since I posted so I thought I would through up some art so noone forgets i am still around.

New Sketch challenge!!!!!!

This one was proposed my my main man Mas! Lets do it like this, draw any image from a movie you like. Any movie. If you don't have a screen grab application grab something from Google images.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Warriors come out and PlayyyyyyyyY!

Here is my jam pic. I wanted to do a African Amazon warrior.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


here is my first sketch as an allstar...l like the way that sounds. l did a full day of designing and decided to do a reaalllyyyy quick doodle..l put about 15minutes of crummy photoshop on it but l'm still working on that aspect of my skillset...l need more practice...this is my second photoshop try...l am way out of my comfort zone so be nice....l see all the crudeness...l come from a 'marker' background so l understand blending l just need to make the program do what l want....Thanks Fedel made it easy...well, easier.

peace allstars....

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Other Heroes Art Show

Other Heros Art show, that is coming up at Jackson State University (my alma matar) My friend John Jennings and Damian Duffy put together with some of the most talented Afro American Artist. I happen to be in it too. (HAZZAH) SBA member Dawud is also in the show and book. Sorry I would have loved you guys to flex your stuff but the deadline passed after I joined. They are trying to make it be a Traveling show. Who knows maybe it will be a second call for entry when it shows elsewhere. I'll keep an ear to the streets. I'll post my stuff I entered after the opening.
For more info

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Get Out His Way...

Since '300' has taken over the entertainment world this past week, here's my contribution to the sketch draw off. Of course ya boi had to draw the monster. ;)

Peace and Luv,

Friday, March 16, 2007

developement work for D&D....

me just foolin around.....

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I saw 300 this past weekend and visually the movie left an impression. Kind of like when I go to a museum when I come away having learned something about art or inspired in some way. Anyway here's my contribution to the warrior theme. I saved this one at 300 dpi.....Get it? 300? Get it? No? ok...


These are old first off I'll try to do something new as well. The top is of Conan an the second is take on Sergio Aragones's Goro. I 'll try my best to get these cleaned and reposted ASAP. Hope everyone's week is smooth as a baby's behind ..... Out like a light L
Added these Fem Barbarians like I was asked I'll have it all cleaned by next week would have done it sooner but I need to put together a sample portfolio for a job interview. I hope I get the gig I sure could use the work and LOOT right now hope everyone has a great weekend
L .

Warrior Art Jam: Nzinga

I'm back again to bring back an Art jam. Mcgee and I were talking about the movie 300 when an idea for 300 fanart transformed into just doing Warriors or Conquerors. So I want you allstars to come with your own Warrior or Conqueror. GAUNTLET THROWN! THIS IS SKETCHBOOKA!!! TONIGHT WE DRAW IN HELL!

My Warrior is Queen Nzinga.
She became renowned for the guerilla tactics she employed for resisting the technologically superior Portugese army. She was a brilliant strategist and, although past sixty, led her warriors herself.

Never surrendering, she died on December 17, 1663.

Artgyrls sketch

Thanks to Artgryl for doing the drawing for this one. I wanted to do more to it but time is short. Hope I did her some justice.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Special thanks goes out to Mr Magoo for inviting me back to the allstars I really appreciate the thought. I'll try my best to keep up with the kiiler work that's being done .
I was playing around with this new program Toon Boom and I just recently had to start designing with it for a show Called Grossology don't know if anyone has heard of it as yet, very kool stuff and designs. Anyways I'm no longer on the show but decided to keep up with the designing and drawing in the program so I did these quick test using the brush tool. Well I hope everyone has been kool as the breeze and work has kept you all busy but not too busy stay fresh one and all.
Linton J

Collaboration artwork with Rockwell

This is a drawing I did a while back that Leroy Rockwell did a great job on the colors. I haven't had too many people color my art before so I thought this was a great different look for my stuff. Maybe I'll post the pencils so if anyone else wants to give it a try its cool with me. Just to see all the different takes on the same drawing? What do you guys think?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sadly, I haven't been drawing much lately. I just got a new full-time job at a printing company. I'm on my second week there.

Anyway, here's some stuff I did while I was wasting away, wondering if I'd ever be employed after college. . .

artgyrl with coffee

sketch from a reference



L did one issue of a comic called Firestorm for DC and this ia a sketch l did for the editor for fun. l used a few tricks like a white-out pen and a maker brush...l think l spent about 10 minutes doing this one. l would classify this as a convention skecth....l'll show more sketches from con's. peace.

l love it here.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Bored at Work

Bored at work had some photos on my Compact flash from this weekend. I had one of my friends, Angelica, model for my next piece. Just a random drawing of boredom. Nothing final. "that's what's up" is her favorite saying.

Sum New New

Just messing around the other night and came up with this one.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

thanks for the invite

l am new here am just trying to keep up with all of you. l am posting my first images ...more to come. let me introduce myself . My name is Ken Lahley and l own a company in Toronto that does artwork .....but to be honest l don't draw that much for fun, so l decided to get back to my first love....comics and just flat out scratching . l love the energy here...l hope to post every few days ...currently l'm working for DC comics on a .....wait l can't say , just yet. but regardless l will be leaving my comfort zone and post things l don't think people would expect...but to show what l do l've posted some pages from the Flash..a book l just left, l did issues 1-2-4-6 and all the covers from 1-5...l'll talk shop some other time but today l start my career as.....a sketchbook allstar.

Peace Magoo..thanks for making me feel welcome.

Another MASsive Attack!!!

Turns out makin 1 website desktop for a friend, ended up in me making 2 more just for personal decoration. Ida put more colors up that's been published but some others handled coloring duties on that and the work wouldn't be 100% MAS now would it ;). Had to share tho. PEACE!!!

Peace and Luv,

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Getting Closer

I am still working on this one here. Changed several majors and nuances.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


sup ya'll. long time no post!

Post any off topic random crapola here